Bringing fresh depth

to our climate thinking.


Philosophy can really bring us to our senses. Imagine what it can do, combined with the latest science and a healthy dose of common sense.

"We cannot afford to “restore the economy” to the old status quo. Our standard economic ambitions have become totally incompatible with the natural limits of the planet." All the latest mainstream science to support this claim can be found here in a clear and readable style.

Philosophy is not a subject for dreamers or intellectuals. Philosophy is not full of nonsense. Philosophy is for everyone. It can really bring us to our senses

The series “No Common Sense - Philosophy Tackles Climate Change” mobilises some of history’s greatest philosophers to make sense of the climate crisis we currently face.

Each book is written in dialogue with the strongest minds of the past and in consultation with the latest climate science data and analysis.

Meet Nietzsche, Popper, Arendt, Rousseau, Descartes, Paine and Plato, and find out what they would have to say about our remaining carbon budget.

Starting with Plato, the books underline a firmly rooted ambition to wake humanity up to the realisation that nothing less than a total Renaissance in our culture is necessary.

No soon. Now!


'Plato Tackles

Climate Change'

In this book Pye introduces Plato, underlining the importance of courage in climate thinking and acting! A plea for laws and virtues... of course in consultation with the latest climate science data and analysis,




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The Essential Science

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'Plato Tackles Climate Change' is available digitally at or as a softcover book via Amazon.


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I have been teaching Philosophy to students aged 15-18 for over 20 years. Now my understanding is public.



In 2012, I founded the Climate Academy. Young people need a informed, safe and creative space to respond to the crisis.



Cut carbon emissions. Here's the science, put together by the experts Birgit van Munster and Michael Wadleigh.

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