Philosophy tackles

Climate Change

Things cannot go on the way they are now. Without courageous thinking and bold actions, the reality of climate change will move through our civilisation like a wrecking ball. We need to think and act. Now.

We have so much to protect and so much to gain.


Eurasia Media Forum - Kazakhstan - "Green Strategy : Another Last Chance?"

Clarity, Courage, Change

Climate Change is such a complex crisis. As a public speaker it is vital to bring clarity about the fundamental issues whilst indulging the most thought provoking examples. We live in the most extraordinary times. Events should have a transformative impact. My experience in teaching and Philosophy enable me to bring some powerful truths to the surface.



'Plato Tackles

Climate Change'

“Plato Tackles Climate Change” mobilises one of history’s greatest philosophers to bring fresh depth to our climate thinking. In dialogue with Plato, and in consultation with the latest climate science data and analysis, this book underlines the importance of courage in climate thinking and acting!


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& Author

I have been teaching Philosophy to students aged 15-18 for over 20 years. Now my understanding is public.



In 2012, I founded the Climate Academy. Young people need a informed, safe and creative space to respond to the crisis.



Cut carbon emissions. Here's the science, put together by the experts Birgit van Munster and Michael Wadleigh.

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