OECD Education Podcast, October 2023


How to empower students to help stop climate change

On a daily basis, academic studies, reports and news

tell us that the Earth’s ecosystem is in danger. But are schools doing

enough to help raise awareness about climate change? OECD PISA test

results show that schools play a central role in educating kids about

environmental issues.

German Radio "DW", September 2023


Climate in the classroom

How should we talk to kids about climate change? From Belgian teens interacting with climate change on a philosophical level to an eco-bank in Peru where kids can open their first bank account to a new primary school climate program in Ghana, this week on Living Planet, we find out how schools and organizations are engaging young people on one of the most important issues of our time.

Pye talks to Sam Baker about the climate crisis and The Climate Academy.

ZEG Storytelling Festival. Tbilisi, Georgia, September 2023

Matthew Pye in conversation with Inga Thordar.

Reframing the Climate Crisis

"Things cannot go on the way they are now. Without courageous thinking and bold action, the reality of climate change will move through our civilization like a wrecking ball. In this in-conversation session, creator of the Climate Academy, Matthew Pye, talks to Inga Thordar about what it will take to solve the climate crisis and how philosophy can help."

Portuguese TV series "Biosfera", March 2023

NGOA and Climate Activism

Pye makes contributions to Portuguese TV series "Biosfera" (Portuguese dubbed over English).

Eurasia Media Forum. Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, September 2021

Green Strategy : Another Last Chance?


Koert Debeuf


Jo Ruxton, Nazanin Alakija, Matthew Pye.

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