"Join the dialogue

we so urgently need."

HG Wells once commented, "Civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe".

We all need to enter into a genuine dialogue with ourselves, the past and what science emphatically describes as a dangerous and compromised future.

Let's start the dialogue together.


Time for another European Renaissance?

Things cannot go on as they are now. We cannot afford to “restore the economy” to the old status quo. Our standard economic ambitions have become totally incompatible with a healthy climate and the natural limits of the planet.

The crisis is now.

Now; not in five or ten years or an even longer term.

Democracies urgently need a revive their respect for truth and virtues. We have overcome tragic situations before and we can do it again.

Systemic problems need systemic solutions. Philosophy asks the big questions and the deep questions.

It is uniquely capable of identifying the connections between things... most importantly for climate change, the connections between the mind and the heart.


Looking for new angles on climate change? The vital statistics, the science and the philosophy behind it?

Book me for a talk, a workshop or to get in dialogue.

Philosophy Talk

45 to 90 minutes talk.

Choose from various philosophers, such as Plato and Nietzsche.

Science Talk

45 to 90 minutes talk about the Science of Climate Change and its vital statistics.


Half to full day

tailor made workshops "Philosophy tackles climate change"


Dialogue session on the topics of Climate Change, Philosophy and Science.

Interested? Feel free to contact me for more information and prices.

Talks and workshops are tailored to your own context.

Phone: +32 4736 07 247


As a member of the Gelre Institute, I am committed to systemic thinking, collaboration and courageous action.

The Gelre Institute has the highest academic standards.

It is developing a trans-disciplinary approach to the systemic challenges of sustainable development. It enables experts in academia, business and culture to engage in dialogue.

Dialogue with real grip.


& Author

I have been teaching Philosophy to students aged 15-18 for over 20 years. Now my understanding is public.



In 2012, I founded the Climate Academy. Young people need a informed, safe and creative space to respond to the crisis.



Cut carbon emissions. Here's the science, put together by the experts Birgit van Munster and Michael Wadleigh.

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