Taking Philosophy

beyond the classroom.

Philosophy helps us see things with real clarity. In my classroom, I have educated young students through the works of Nietzsche, Plato, Rousseau and other great minds, for over 20 years.

The current climate crisis requires a major shift in our thinking and our priorities. We need to be willing to question the status quo with courage.

That is why I have decided to bring my understanding outside of the class room and make it public with the series No Common Sense.


My books are an attempt to bring us to our senses, with the help of some incredible thinkers.

"An astonishing transformation of the Earth is happening right now. This change is affecting every living species on the planet. If this change is not stopped it will move through human civilisation like a wrecking ball.

This is not a Hollywood movie trailer. This not the blurb for a science fiction novel. This is simple, mainstream science. The change that is happening is climate change.

Yet, we have no common sense of it."

The series No Common Sense; Philosophy Tackles Climate Change helps bring us to our senses, with the help of some incredible thinkers.

Descartes and Popper help to open up the science in detail. Nietzsche and Arendt probe the psychological difficulties we face. Paine and Rousseau confront the politics involved.

Plato, the first in the series, gives us a 360° view of everything.


'Plato Tackles

Climate Change'

“Plato Tackles Climate Change” mobilises one of history’s greatest philosophers to bring fresh depth to our climate thinking. In dialogue with Plato, and in consultation with the latest climate science data and analysis, this book underlines the importance of courage in climate thinking and acting!


Pye concludes that the central solutions to tackle climate change have to be legal and they have to be courageous. Legal because a systemic problem requires a systemic solution – laws have far more leverage and power than individual actions. Courageous because thinking outside of the cultural clichés of climate change requires us to be genuinely modesty about our own efforts, and it also means that we have to be brave enough to acknowledge the true scale of the crisis. The book, like his Academy and his lessons to young people, invites the reader into a space where these things seem both doable and reasonable."



& Author

I have been teaching Philosophy to students aged 15-18 for over 20 years. Now my understanding is public.



In 2012, I founded the Climate Academy. Young people need a informed, safe and creative space to respond to the crisis.



Cut carbon emissions. Here's the science, put together by the experts Birgit van Munster and Michael Wadleigh.

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